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Plastic & Engineering Apprenticeships

Indentured trade qualifications require some training time at PARTEC each year over three years, but experienced students can take a "fast-track" program. Apprenticeships are available in a number of specialities at PARTEC:

We now have a Certificate III and a Certificate IV in:
Prosthetics and Orthotics Technician Specialisation
of Plastics Fabricator

Employer Incentive: Injecting Apprentices into the Industry

The Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme since 1 July 2015! Great news
for plastics industry employers who wish to hire an apprentice.  Employers welcome reinstatement of eligibility of apprenticeships for the workplace.

Employers can access a $4,000 cash incentive to employ an apprentice.

Here is a brief look at the incentives program
The following is the information relevant to the plastics industry trades, which now come under the Government category of "Non-NSNL non priority occupations".

Further information is available at the Australian Apprenticeships website, including the full Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme Summary (49.58KB Word Doc).

The Apprentice Rebate for Payroll Tax is another incentive for employers. This specifically benefits employers that exceed the Payroll Tax Threshold of $1.1 million in annual Australian taxable wages.
For further information and calculations for this rebate, visit the Queensland Government Business
and Industry Portal


Student Benefits

PARTEC was established by the plastics industry to provide education and training for the growth of the industry so that students from PARTEC could complete their courses with relevant and sought after industry skills.

Graduates from PARTEC generally hold positions of responsibility and command higher salaries due to PARTEC's great repuation for quality in the workplace, being testimony to the value recognised in their qualifications by employers.